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Approved OFA Thyroid Laboratories

The laboratory certification process will include quality control, quality assurance and reagent certification. Laboratories may apply and, if successful, will be approved to perform analysis for OFA thyroid certification. A site visit by a qualified veterinary endocrinologist chosen by the OFA will be required and continued quality assurance and quality control will be necessary to maintain certification. Fully certified status can be obtained by passing the site visit and passing the results of the first OFA quality assurance assay result test. The approved laboratory must be contacted for the appropriate submission forms, sample handling procedures, and laboratory service fee before collecting the sample.

Approved Laboratories

Antech Diagnostics*
1111 Marcus Ave., Suite M28, Lake Success , NY  11042, 800-872-1001

*only the Lake Success, NY location of Antech has been certified to process OFA thyroid panels

Animal Health Laboratory
Laboratory Services Division, University of Guelph , Door P2 Bldg. 49, McIntosh Lane, Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1, CANADA, 519-824-4120 ext. 54501
Cornell University
Diagnostic Endocrinology Laboratory, Upper Tower Rd., Ithaca, NY 14853, 607-253-3673
Endocrine Diagnostic Center
Diagnostic Center for Population & Animal Health, 4125 Beaumont Road, Lansing, MI 48910-8104
1345 Denison St., Markham, Ont, L3R 5V2, CANADA, 1-800-667-3411
Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory
1 Sippel Rd., College Station, TX 77843, 979-845-3414
University of California
Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, Clinical Pathology, Chemistry, Room 1017, 1 Garrod Drive, Davis, CA 95616, 530-752-7380



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