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Add a Photo to your Dog's Record

Add a Photo to your Dog's Record

Enhance your dog’s OFA Record!

The OFA is pleased to add the ability to display a digital photograph on each dog's OFA web page.

The fee for this service is $10. All of the revenues collected (100%) are allocated to the CHIC DNA Repository and used to underwrite DNA extraction and storage fees for dogs with significant inherited diseases. What a great way to proudly display your dog, its health screening results, and support canine health research in the process!

Guidelines and Instruction for Submission of Digital Photographs

We will only accept digital images via direct upload on our website.

Make sure your photo is:

We reserve the right to reject any photograph submitted which is not in compliance with these guidelines.



The easiest and fastest way is to have a digital photo of your dog, a web browser, and a credit card. Press the Continue button at the bottom of this page to access the direct file upload menu. You will be asked for your dogís OFA Application Number (which can be found on all OFA Reports), or the dogís registration number.

*Copyright Notice

Please be advised that any photographs taken by commercial photographers, including dog show photos, are typically protected by copyright laws. The following show photographers have graciously granted the OFA permission to display their photographs for the purpose described above.

Ashbey (PA)Nutting (NY)Cook (OR)
Booth (MI)Tatham (NH)Rinehart (AZ)
Callea (WA)Sosa (TX)DiGiacomo (MD)
Gerity (MD)Rodwell (CA)dogphoto.com (OH)
Tucson PawPrintz Photography (AZ)
Brian Brixon (TX)

If submitting a photo by a photographer not on this list, please verify with the photographer that the purchase of the photo grants you the rights to use the photo on the web or in publications.

Optimizing a photo

Click here to transfer to our secure server.

*Note – once uploaded, photos are placed in a queue and require manual approval at the OFA office before loading to the dog’s webpage. Please allow up to 5 days for the photo to appear before contacting the OFA with any upload issues. Credit cards are not charged until the photo is actually uploaded. Questions should be emailed to the main OFA box at: ofa@offa.org. Thank you.