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OFA Champion of Health May 2012

GCH Waterway Game CRK Hot Diggity

GCH Waterway Game CRK Hot Diggity

Our Champion of Health for May 2012 is the American Water Spaniel, GCH Waterway Game CRK Hot Diggity. “Digger” is owned by Mr. & Mrs. John Rose along with his breeders Linda & Jon Hattrem and Pamela Boyer, and is breeder-owner-handled by Linda.

Digger is the winner of 3 consecutive National Specialties, with his first specialty win in 2009 from the Bred By Exhibitor class at the age of 14 months. He was the #1 American Water Spaniel all systems in 2009 and 2011, and was the #1 American Water Spaniel in 2010 in the all breed rankings. In addition to his specialty wins, Digger is a multiple all breed BIS winner and holds the BIS record for the breed. He is a living example that quality begets quality – his dam CH Waterway-Game Crk Mare-Z-Dotes JH, also bred and owned by Linda & Jon Hattrem and Pamela Boyer was the first female American Water Spaniel to be awarded an all breed AKC Best in Show.

Digger’s health clearances include OFA good hips, and OFA cardiac and CERF eye clearances. His 3 generation pedigree boasts solid hip clearances, and he has met the CHIC health screening requirements established by the American Water Spaniel Club. His sire and dam are CHIC dogs as well. Digger also has DNA banked with the CHIC DNA Repository for future canine health research.

It is our pleasure to feature this rare breed, and recognize Digger’s accomplishments along with his breeders achievements and dedication to producing healthy dogs.

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Note – the OFA “Champion of Health” is not an official title issued by the OFA, AKC, or other registry. The “Champion of Health” is a monthly website feature that celebrates dogs that have achieved significant accomplishments, whether in the ring, field, performance events, as working dogs, or as producers, AND that have the full complement of breed appropriate health screening.If you have a dog that you believe meets the criteria that you would like to submit for consideration, please submit this application form to the OFA.


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